Join Us for 2 and 1/2 Days in the best Barramundi Fishery in the State

The first Rocky Barra Bounty was due to be held in 1998 however flooding in the Fitzroy River in September that year saw the event cancelled and it did not start until 1999. It has been held every year since then during September/October with the exception of 2010 where flooding forced the organisers to hold a limited off river event.

The Bounty is a tag and release event and was the first event to introduce photographing then releasing of fish instead of having the fish weighed or bought back for the event site. This was initially through supplying a disposable camera but technology caught up with us and now digital cameras are used.

The event has another unique feature in that fishers are required to phone in their catch and tag details when they tag a fish. This allows progress in the event to be tracked in real time and creates additional interest among competitors. There have been over 3288 Barramundi tagged during Bounties with 115 recaptures.

In 2007 the Bounty was audited under NEATFish (National Environmental Assessment of Tournament Fishing) and received a 5 star rating. This rating has been maintained each year with our accreditation being valid through to 2016.  The Bounty is considered to be one of the premier Barramundi competitions in Queensland and welcomes XXXX Gold as it major and naming rights sponsor.

Proceeds from the Bounty go to enhancing recreational fishing in the Fitzroy River.